Niche And Grow Rich

"By narrowing your focus, you will likely broaden your chances of online success".

Dr Michael Fortin

"In the information business all the money is in the niches"

Gary Hoover
Specialist Information Publishers Association.

André AnthonyHi and welcome,

You've arrived here because you want to learn about "Niche Marketing". Am I right?

Great, then let's get to it....

Niche Marketing has been for a few years now one of the foremost marketing topics online.

What Is Niche Marketing?

If you've ever taken Marketing 101 then you'll have heard of the old marketing adage : "Find a need and fill it" - That is exactly what "Niche Marketing" is all about:

Is Niche Marketing A New Concept?

No. If, like me, you've been involved in direct response marketing or run a business in the in the 'Bricks and Mortar' world, then you will know that's the way we've been doing things since time immemorial.

On the internet it became the hot concept around the mid 2000s and has continued to be so since that time.

What's This Site About?

That's really straight forward - it's a resource for beginning Niche Marketers. Here you'll find strategies, tips, tools, niche ideas and resources for effective niche marketing.

The site is organized into four segments :

Niche Know-HowNiche Market Know-How

Strategies, tactics and techniques for effective niche marketing.

Niche Affiliate MarketingNiche Affiliate Marketing

No product? No problem. Market other people's niche products.

Niche IdeasNiche Market Ideas

Ideas for lucrative Niche Markets for you to exploit.

Niche ToolsNiche Marketing Resources

Essential tools to successfully research and market to your niche

Niche ArticlesNiche Marketing Articles

Know-how, tips, and strategies to use in your niche marketing.


So there you have it. Take a look round and find out how you can get your Niche business up and running successfully.

Point to remember : Niche Marketing is not a magic bullet. True, niche markets are easier to compete in, than the Internet marketing arena, but you still have to go through the same processes for building any business (online or off) - research a suitable niche (or niches), find suitable products and affiliate programs, formulate your marketing plan, decide on tactics and strategies and then take action.

Niche and Grow Rich

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