Niche Marketing With Affiliate Programs

Welcome to the world of Affiliate marketing (sometimes called referral marketing)

You may be wondering what Affiliate Marketing has got to do with Niche Marketing. Well my reason for including Affiliate Marketing in these tutorials is that it’s a great way for the beginning Niche Marketer to get started on the Internet.

Why? Because there are huge benefits for someone just starting out – which we will get to shortly.

What is an Affiliate?

In a nutshell:

An Affiliate (sometimes called a Publisher) acts as a "middle man" between Merchant and consumer.

The Affiliate is an independent lead generator, bringing in new customers by educating them about a Merchant’s product(s) and directing them to the Merchant’s web site. When a sale is made the Affiliate receives a commission from the Merchant in the form of a percentage of any sales made from that referral.

This is a win-win situation for both the Affiliate and the Merchant.

The Affiliate can reap a full-time income marketing an almost infinite range of products in just about any niche market you can think of – and can get started relatively quickly and with relatively little in the way of start up costs (Note I didn’t say “No start up costs”).

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

For the Affiliate the benefits are:

The Merchant handles all that…

The Merchant benefits from the influx of new customers from the boatloads of traffic that his Affiliates drive to his business.

Merchants get their product and their brand in front of thousands of potential buyers without paying a dime until someone makes a purchase.

It is truly a pay for performance arrangement.

Super Affiliate Handbook The Super Affiliate Handbook

To learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketing I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book by Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardner.

In the next tutorial we're going to find out "how" to choose Affiliate programs and what to look for when signing up for them.

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