A Bit Of Online Niche Marketing History

The trend towards home-based business boomed in the 1990’s. Alongside this trend, the Internet “grew up”. New technologies emerged which allowed anyone with an Internet connection to sell products online and get paid without leaving the house. Soon, a whole industry sprung up around money-making and home-based business education.

Suddenly every marketing expert and wannabe was talking about the subject as if it was a new discovery and Niche Marketing became the latest craze among Internet marketers.

Let’s look at how this shift in focus means for you today.

The new found appreciation for specialization among Internet Marketers is funny when you consider that it’s really only common sense. Every introductory level business class will teach you that market specialization is the key to distinguishing your business from the competition.

Many of the Internet marketing gurus you are familiar with today made their fortunes teaching other people how to make money online.

But there was a problem with this approach. Why?

Because people were learning the mechanics of marketing - Things like how to generate traffic, how write better copy and produce info products, but they weren’t getting any information on how to spot profitable markets for them to exploit.

A vicious cycle cropped up due to this oversight. Soon, everyone wanted to make money by teaching others how to make money, and so on ad infinitum.

Finally, the industry wised up. A new class of teachers emerged with the “know how” and experience to assist others in the real world implementation of marketing tactics.

In other words, we finally come to the point where content is valued over form. Now, we can talk about more than just, say, list building in the abstract. We can talk about building lists in the context of businesses devoted to pets, or motorcycles or health. Best of all, we could finally begin the real work:

That’s what these tutorials are all about. So, stay tuned. Over the following pages, you’ll enjoy a healthy dose of real and actionable information.

If you want to learn the value of marketing to a “Niche” check out my story here: How Nearly Going Broke Taught Me The Value Of Niche Marketing!

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