Basics Of Niche Keyword Research

Now we begin the first phase of research to find a suitable niche market: Discovering what people search for online.

This stage begins with Keyword Research. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to use the subject of Nail Art.

You should always start by collecting your own database of keywords. This allows you to uncover real, active markets. The keyword data you collect will reveal them to you, and you won’t lose precious time making guesses about what type of product to sell. In other words, you let the niche find you. Here's how to proceed:

Step One

Go to Google and enter the search query using the allintitle:** format like this:

allintitle:"nail art"

At time of writing (January 2015) the search engine returns a count of 1,410,000 competing pages for the search term - It's definitely a popular subject..

In actuality, the total searches represents results which include both the individual term and phrase searches with the term “nail art” in them. This is far too many for us to compete with, so we have dig down into the search term to find our niche topic. A free Keyword Suggestion Tool called the SEO Book Keyword Tool (you will need to sign up for a free account which you can do Here) will help with this.

Step Two

Go to the SEO Book Keyword Tool and type in the term “nail art” (without parenthesis)

The SEO Book Keyword Tool returns a list of keywords/phrases with our search term in them. The term nail art returns 198,000 searches for the month of January 2015.

On the surface this looks like it could be a good niche to market to - But it isn't. The subject is way too general and broad based. A niche needs to be a lot more specific otherwise your web site will be lost in the sea of pages that include the term nail art. So now we need to dig deeper.

Step Three

Scroll down the results and you will see that the SEO Book Keyword Tool provides a list of keyword words/phrases which include the term nail art - words and phrases people are using to search the internet for products and information on the subject. - here are three that stand out:

Now, these are potential niche topics. Why?

Keyword research is an essential skill to develop, as is the need to build your own database of relevant keywords/phrases for your niche. Set up a spreadsheet to list them all and keep adding to the list as you find new ones - it's a tedious job but it will pay dividends when used in your content. Places to find and collect relevant keyword/phrases are:

We’ve covered the basics of keyword research, in a future tutorial we’ll look further into how to evaluate your data, but first we are going to introduce you to the subject of Product Creation.

(** I use the search query format allintitle: "keyword/phrase" as the title is the first thing people see in the search results and tells them what the page is about).

Please note: This system is a rough guide only and has it's limitations. If you're really serious about this Niche marketing stuff you should invest in a specialist service such as Word Tracker which will provide a more comprehensive range of keywords/phrases than the SEO Book Keyword Tool returns and provide more competitive data analysis.

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