Niche Product Creation: The First Step

The first step to niche product creation is to start thinking like a creator and remember this concept:

Everything is Product

Granted, not everything has saleable value and you may not be comfortable selling certain types of product or service, but everything is a product in some form or other and that's the way you need to look at it.

Look around you, we live in a world where ideas have been manifested into the physical. In fact, everything you see around you began as an idea in someone's mind. Present them in the right way and your ideas can become saleable things.

And it gets even better... Ideas are not the only saleable things you have at your disposal. You can also sell:

Incidentally, we're not talking about selling your time we don't mean in the traditional sense of an everyday job, what we are talking about here is time expended once and sold over and over. Take a look at this example:

You've created, updated and illustrated an ebook from public domain material which is free. How do you price a document that contains information people can find for free if they really wanted to put in the time and effort?

Simple! Check out what similar products are selling for on Amazon's Kindle Store and set your price accordingly, but remember, price too high and

You charge for the time you spent to seek out, research, create and illustrate a more easily accessible copy and spread the cost over a reasonable number of copies of the ebook.

When you think like a product creator, you see the value and the opportunity in everything around you. Now, how can you use this to your advantage and start generating realistic ideas?

(This is where you need that notebook and pen I suggested you carry around with you earlier).

1. Focus Your Intent

2. Start Visualizing Your Market

You don't need to know your exact market yet, but begin thinking in general terms about their interests, their buying power and how likely they are to buy online - You should have gleaned some of this information from your niche research.

3. Translate What You See Into Potential Titles

This is a powerful way to find the product in an idea. There are dozens of standard titles internet marketers turn to when they write their book titles. Keep them in mind apply them onto what you encounter each day.

Here are a few examples:

Ten Things You Must Know About…

Quick and Easy Ways to..

The Complete Guide to..

How to..

Here is a good example of this method in action.

Let's say you're out and about on your daily routine. You take the bus and you overhear two passengers talking about their hair. One of them expresses dismay over her hair color. She got a very bad dye job. Not only that, but there's a party she has to go to that night, and she doesn't know what to do. She wants to fix her hair, but doesn't have the time to go back to the stylist.

You start to think about this. Surely, there must be some way she could fix her hair at home.

Even a partial touch up would look better than the mess her hair is in at the moment. Now, you think, "what if I could research this and find some solutions a person in her situation could apply at home?".

I could create a book called "Ten Sure Fire Cures for a Bad Dye Job You Can Apply This Afternoon, So You'll Be Fabulous Tonight". Bingo! Product idea!

Start practicing this way of thinking each day.

It's your ticket to generating one hot product idea after another. Pretty soon you'll have so many ideas you won't have time to implement all of them...

...But in case that doesn't happen In the next tutorial we're going to be looking at ten ways you can generate product creation ideas.

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