Building Your Web Presence: Your Web Site

This is your shop window through which you you are going to display your product and attract customers, so it's essential that you get this right.

As a minimum your are going to need some basic pages for your web site:

Sales Page

The Sales Page (sometimes refered to as the Pitch Page) is where you describe your product to potential customers to convince them to buy. This page should include:

You should also have some attractive, professional looking graphics for your web site sales page. These will help to grab your prospective customer's attention and convey the value and quality of your product. If you can produce these yourself - great - if not then, ideally, hire someone to create them for you using one of the Content for Hire Services mentioned in previous tutorials.

Don't skimp on this aspect of your website. You're creating a total package here from the product to the sales page - every element in the package should reflect an image of quality and value for your product.

Registration Page

This page is designed to collect you customer's email address before being taken to the "Download Page" so that you can automatically send them all the details they will need to know about accessing and reading your product.

Here's a sample format I use in combination with an Autoresponder and "Download Page" (below). You are welcome to copy it if you like. You will need to replace the form with your own.

Thank You For Investing In:

<Your Product Title>

Please Register And Verify Your Investment

3D Product Image Goes HereThank You - Your credit card has cleared. This payment will show up on your credit card bill as a charge of $<Price> (USD) from <Your Payment Processor Reference>

As a security measure against internet thieves, the product you have just invested in is "password protected".

Please register and verify your investment by entering your "Name and Email Address* in the boxes below and hit the"Please Verify Your Investment" button. You will then receive an email request for "confirmation" in your mailbox, just click the confirmation link.

Once you have confirmed you will receive an email titled "Download Instructions and Tech Support" in your mailbox.

This email includes your password to access <Your Product Title> and answers almost every conceivable question you could ask about downloading, viewing, printing etc.

Please complete both fields.

Please use your primary email address.

Your privacy is GUARANTEED!

I HATE spam as much you do!

You can remove yourself from my mailing list at any time. You have no risk at all

If you have any problems registering Contact Me Here and I will help.

Best wishes

<Your Name Here>

If you would like a copy of the Autoresponder message format I use you can get one here: Download Instructions and Tech Support (You can find instructions on how to download the document Here.

Download Page

This is the page your customers will be taken to download their purchase when they have paid.

To ensure that your product is secure you should password protect it. As our example is an Ebook fomatted as an Adobe PDF file you can use Open Office's Text Document program to set the password. You do this using the program's Export as PDF... function. You can then send this to your customer in an email separately. Not

On this page you should include as a minimum:

As we said earlier this is just the minimum you will need for your customer to download their purchase. To avoid lots of customer queries about the product download and how to view it, you need to give them lots more information. Here's a sample of one of my download pages that you can copy if you wish:

Thank You For Investing In:

<Your Product Tile>

3D Product Image Goes Here

Please Note :

Your credit card statement will reflect a charge of $<the price goes here> (USD) from <Your Payment Processor Reference goes here> - A receipt for your purchase has been sent to you by Email.

Please Read This Important Information :

As a security measure against internet thieves, the product you have just purchased is "password protected".

You will shortly receive an email request for "confirmation" in your mailbox. You must click on the confirmation link in order to receive the password to access your purchase.

On confirmation you will receive an Email titled *Download Instructions - Tech Support*. This Email contains your password and provides answers to almost "every conceivable question" you could ask about downloading, viewing, listening, clicking links and printing the product.

Please read ALL the instructions CAREFULLY before downloading your package...

You have purchased Personal Rights to <Your Product Title> for personal use only. You MAY NOT sell or distribute these materials.

If you have any problems downloading the product - DON'T Panic, Contact Me Here and I will help.

Before you begin downloading the files

<Your Product Title> has been placed into a zipped compressed archive (.zip file) to minimize the download time.

To ensure you know where to find your download, first create a folder on your "Desktop" and name it <Your Product Title>. You should save the .zip file into this folder. (If you don't know how to save to your Desktop, please see the Download Instructions below).


1. You will need an "unzip" program installed on your computer to open the zipped archive, here are some alternatives for you to consider:

PC Users: I recommend using 7-Zip a free program available at:

(Opens in a new window)


(Paid program offering a 30 day Free Trial)
(Opens in a new window)

Mac Users: I recommend using iZip a free program available at:

(Opens in a new window)


StuffIt Xpander
(Paid program offering a 30 day Free Trial)
(Opens in a new window)

2. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed. However, if your computer doesn't have it, or you need to upgrade your copy, you can get a FREE download of the latest version at:
(Opens in a new window)

Adobe Acrobat Reader has versions for both PC and Macintosh computers. The PDF documents here can be opened and read on either a PC or a Macintosh with Adobe Reader.

Download Area

Download Instructions:

"Right mouse click" the blue product link below "Right Click to Save As":

You'll see a menu open up. Using a "Left mouse click" select the relevant link for your browser as follows:

  • In Firefox select Save Link As...
  • In Chrome select Save Link As...
  • In Internet Explorer select Save Target As...
  • In Opera select Save linked content as...
  • In Safari select Save Linked File As...

In the "Save As" window that pops up, select "Desktop" then the folder titled <Your Product Title> that you created earlier and click the "Save" button. The file will now be saved to your <Your Product Title> folder ready to open.

Your Download Links

Product Title
Right Click to Save As

<Your Product Tile>

<Your Product>


If you have any problems downloading <Your Product Tile> and the bonus products - DON'T Panic. Contact Me Here and I will help

Setting Up Your Sales Delivery System

By now you're probably wondering how the Sales Page, Registration, Download pages and the Autoresponder work together, so here's what you need to do:

  1. Set up a Payment Button or Link on your payment provider account and your Registration Page the landing page for your payment link - Add this Payment Button/Link to your Sales Page.
  2. Set up an Autoresponder with the Download Instructions - Tech Support email and get the subscription form code.
  3. Set up your Registration Page with the Autoresponder subscription form etc. as shown in the example above.
  4. Set up your Download Page with your download link etc. as shown in the example above.

When a customer buys from your web site they will do so via the Payment Button or Link on your Sales Page which should be linked to your Registration Page where they will be thanked for their order asked to register via the form on the page.

After the Rregistration form has been completed the customer will receive an email requesting confirmation of the registration. Once they confirm they will be taken directly to the download page where they can get their purchase.

Here's the process in graphical form:

About Me Page

Your About Me page is can be vital for your credibility and your business. This page is often the first place your prospective customers look before they start to take you seriously, so you need to get it right. Here are some things to consider when writing your page:

Contact Page

Your Contact Page should provide information on how to contact you e.g. email, telephone, Skype or even snail mail if you like.

You should also provide information on how quickly you will respond to emails, when you will be around to answer telephone and Skype calls.

You should provide an email contact form with the following fields included as a minimum:

You may also find it useful to add a field for a telephone number and Skype address if you intend to use these forms of contact.

An Ultimate Marketing Center hosting account has a facility to build Contact Forms which will encrypt your email address so that Spammers can't get hold of it.

You can take a look at my Contact page as an example of a very simple page (Opens in a new window so you won't lose this page).

Contact Thank You Page

Your Contact Thank You page can be very simple, for example:

Thank You For Contacting Us

Your Email was successfully sent to:

The Name Of Your Web Site

I will endeavour to reply within the same working day.

Privacy Policy

This page is designed to aid compliance with data protection legislation and is a statement as to your policy on how you collect, store and release personal information you may collect on your web site.

The document informs prospective customers:

A free template is available from SEQ Legal here: Privacy Policy**

Terms Of Use

When people visit your site they need to be advised that they are legally obligated to to abide by the the terms and conditions listed on your site and any other law or regulation that applies to the site, the Internet and the World Wide Web. You need to advise them that they should not access or browse the site if they have any problem with the terms etc., because once they enter the web site they are bound by the terms and conditions. This page should include:

A free template is available from SEQ Legal here: Terms Of Use**

Legal Disclaimer

The disclaimer seeks to exclude any liabilities that may arise out of the use or misuse of the information provided by your web iste /product and asserts that the information published is just that - information and not legal advice and that no warranties or representations are given in relation to the information.

A free template is available from SEQ Legal here: Legal Disclaimer**

Cookies Policy

UK and EU law requires that websites making use of cookies (in other words most websites) to make certain disclosures about those cookies.

For detailed information on this subject go to:

A free template is available from SEQ Legal here: Cookies Policy

You will also need to add a pop-up of some kind stating that your web site uses Cookie. The pop-up needs to go on every page. For suitable script go to Google and type in "cookie law script" and you will find a number of suitable scripts both free and for sale.

**You should make sure that you understand and comply with the SEQ Legal terms of use for their templates on your web site.

If you need a template to build your web site from you can find a list of free and paid for options here: Web Site Templates

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